The Joys And Benefits Of Writing Everyday

Man writing on his diary

You might not think that writing is your cup of tea, and so you might find it difficult to see how you could possibly write everyday. Perhaps you would be inspired to write more if you knew what benefits it can bring to your life? You don’t have to write a novel, and the idea is not to focus on the finished product.

Writing is good for your mind, and can help you to understand your own thoughts and reflect on life. It doesn’t take much to get started, and writing everyday is a habit that you will find brings about major improvements to your well-being. If you are unsure about how to begin, and what to write, then how about some ideas to start you off?

Purge Your Thoughts

If you are a keen writer with a particular interest, say poetry or children’s short stories, then you might not need any advice about what to write. Structured pieces are fun, and can result in some really nice work to share. For most people, who do not yet write a particular niche, the most useful and easy way to begin to write everyday is with some sort of record of your own thoughts.

There is no structure, and really no understanding of the correct use of language is needed. The idea is not to create a masterpiece to show to others, but rather to cleanse yourself and purge your emotions by literally spewing out your thoughts on paper. This can take the form of a rant, or a stream of consciousness, or an erratic expression of ideas and thoughts. It really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have a way to vent, to express unspoken ideas, and to crystalize thoughts on paper.

All of this leads to an ability to analyze your own thoughts, and to gain perspective and understanding. It helps to increase clarity, because it gives a feeling of getting that mess of thoughts out of your head. Mentally and emotionally, the internal function of writing is to clear the mind.

Diary Keeping

You can record your thoughts whenever you feel like it. Perhaps you could have a set time for it, or maybe you just prefer to write when you feel you have something that needs getting out. If you do decide to try and record your thoughts everyday, and you find that you want to add some structure, then you may want to consider keeping a diary.

The benefits of keeping a diary are similar to that of your rants and streams of thoughts; they help you to understand your self and your life better, with more clarity and a better perspective. A diary can take many forms and it is up to you what you decide to record. You could record events, thoughts, feelings, moods, dreams, or take a scrapbook approach. What you do get from diary keeping is a long term perspective of yourself, and something that will be fascinating to look back on in a few years time.


Everybody is creative, and many people will only come to understand this when they learn to practice their skills, and practice their ability to express themselves. Writing is something of an introverted activity, and deep thinkers will have a great time formulating ideas and communicating them with words.

If you find that you start to enjoy your diary keeping, and want to try something a bit more abstract, then why not try to do an hours creative writing every night. Whether it is poetry, philosophy, blog writing, or any way you choose, writing everyday can help you to relax, to contemplate, to improve your language skills and imagination.

Writing is both enjoyable, and very useful. It can help you to keep your mind clear, to express your ideas, and to vent your emotions. If you write everyday you will soon start to understand the power of this creative art.

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