How To Live A More Minimalist Life

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Today more than ever it is important to take conscious steps to live in simplicity. The world is full of information, products, advertisements. You are constantly being told that you need to buy more stuff; a bigger house, a faster car, a spinning toothbrush, a new and improved latest model everything.

Slow down tiger. Do you really need all that stuff? Maybe it would be more beneficial to live a minimalist life, free from pointless desire.

Stuff never really satisfies. It gives you a temporary buzz, a feeling of owning something new, and then this feeling quickly recedes. Most of the time you likely spend your money on things that you don’t really need, and later on you might wonder why you even bought them. The truth is you will derive more happiness from learning to be happy with what you already have, than with buying more stuff.


The first step to a minimalist life is to throw out everything that you own that you don’t need lying around. There is really no need to hoard, and you will learn a valuable lesson from this exercise; you will learn not to remain attached to useless objects. Of course, there is no need to throw your old objects out in the trash; you can recycle, give useful gifts to relatives and neighbors, set up a stall, or give away your hoard to charity.

You will find that your mind instantly feels clearer after throwing away your tat. This is because your physical space will be free of clutter, which has the same effect on the mind. Human beings have a habit of attaching memory to objects, so the process of de-cluttering is something close to cleaning out the past, starting afresh and being in the present.

In order to further cleanse your mind, you may want to consider an informational de-cluttering. Information comes hard and fast these days; television, social media, newspapers, internet, mobile phones, and so on. It is important, as a minimalist, to give your mind a break from this information overload, which has the same stressful effect as hoarding objects. Your mind needs regular breaks to cool down, and become quiet and still.

Values Of Simplicity

Once the initial de-cluttering stage is finished (the purge if you like), you will have to keep it up, and fight your desire to buy pointless stuff. This could be difficult at first, but over time you will realize that you never needed it in the first place. Over time, you come to see how useless it was, how advertisements were telling you to buy what you didn’t need.

This mindstate is likely to develop over time. Have faith. From the point of this occurrence, this flip of perspective, being a minimalist will no longer be a chore; it will be an obvious and happy life choice. You will find that gradually you want less stuff. Why does this happen do you think? Why would you start to want less? It happens because you find that the more you simplify your life and appreciate the beauty of minimalism, the more happy you become.

Contrary to popular perpetrated belief, happiness comes not from wanting and owning loads of stuff, but from being content with what you have already. There are many deep layers of life that are simple and free, and when you live as a minimalist you start to value only what is real; friendship, adventure, compassion, love, nature, contentment, and growth; none of which require money or objects.

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