Leah and Dave with Orrin Woodward (center).

Welcome to my blog, dear viewer!

Teachmegreatness.com is scrapbook of articles whose only common heading would be “For the Love of Learning”.  Here you will find articles about books, classical education principles, about projects we’ve done, ideas we are learning, and even influences that we find significant to what is called a Leadership Education.  Although most content stems from our homeschooling ventures, there are other bits that explore world-views, entrepreneurship, personal development and faith….all of which ultimately wrap together in our education as a family.

In the Stadel home, we have chosen to make education a life-style choice when once it was just an automatic task on the schedule for our kids, and by necessity only for us adults.  Our change in perspective has been an evolution of choices inspired by some wonderful friends, mentors and even some business partners.  If you were to stop by our home, you would find books on every topic EVERYWHERE!  We have article clippings filed all around, we have lists of words and ideas posted to remind us of what we are trying to accomplish.  Essays and projects are always in motion on some tray, coffee table, desk or table-top.  You will find no formal curriculum lying about, yet you would see each of us pursuing some topic in depth.  With the exception of the NFL football season and a frequent evening DVD, there is not much T.V. watching going on. Once we found that learning could lead to changing, we got hooked   We are constantly amazed at what has been created by God and man that constitutes the world around us and the world within us!  Our youngest calls this “The Grand Adventure”.

I (Leah) grew up in a large family of ten.  When I was young, we lived on a dairy farm in Hustisford, Wisconsin where we had miles to roam about as kids and endless things to do.  I still have hundreds of memories and stories I could recount, and have for my kids, of life on the farm and of the simplicity of learning through play.  When we moved to Kewaskum, WI, where I graduated high school,  we lost the magnificent gift of acreage and were forced to pick up new interests upon which to grow.  This is where I picked up a love for the piano, for reading, and because I longed for our old life, I began dreaming!

Upon high school graduation, I attended the University of Wisconsin, Washington County where I met my husband David.  We met in the music department as two unsure students new to adulthood, gathering up clues as to what to do next.  I finished my education at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Dave finished his after a brief hiatus into the music-as-career world.  It wasn’t long before we were both now married, working jobs, and our learning came to a screeching halt.

What shook us back to living, back to dreaming, back to being hungry to learn was a dip in the entrepreneur pool  We had been introduced to an information business (perfect since we are in the information age), whose product was media.  Now, we had already spent tens of thousands of dollars on information/education before that simply landed us two jobs from which we felt little satisfaction, so we were curious.  It is often said that information leads to action, which leads to results.  So we went back to the information phase in order to garner new results.  And what is the result?  A life that has begun to look more the the one we wanted:  a focus on family, an intentional deepening of our faith, a circle of friends that challenge us, encourage us and are willing to do hard things for the sake of their children.  A new education brought us a stronger, more secure income, and the ability to dream bigger in our giving.

Today, we have our home in Jackson, Wisconsin.  We have 5 remarkable children:  Levee (our son of 16), Maddie (14), Hannah (12), Hope (10) and Ella (9).  Our son attends an excellent local public school while we home school our four daughters.  We continue to expand our business of community building through character-based media to reach other adults who want to commit to fall in love with learning all over again.  Our hope is that in turn, the inspiration we find will move our children to living more on purpose, too.  A life well lived is built on a mission.  Ours is to glorify God in the spreading and application of truth in a world that increasingly is losing site of it.

Teach me greatness……I’m ready to learn.

God bless, Leah Stadel

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