6 Ways To Overcomplicate Your Life

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Life is not simple really is it? Or is it? Well, it’s your choice actually. If you want to live a simple life then you can do. If you want to live a life full of complications and turmoil, chaos and disaster, then that too is your choice. There is, of course, only a certain amount of control that you can exercise over your own life; some events are unforeseeable and beyond your reach. You can keep it simple by removing unnecessary complications. Here are 6 ways that you could be overcomplicating your life:

  • Take On Too Much Work

    It can’t be helped sometimes. Everyone has to pay their bills, and that has left most people pretty busy to say the least. That doesn’t mean you should take on more than you can handle. It gets to a point where it cannot be worth it, even considering the extra income. If you can afford not to, then there is no point running yourself into the ground, Doing so will leave you with no time for yourself, and ultimately you will cause yourself a stressful life. If you take on too much your life will quickly become too complicated. You have to learn to say “no” every now and again, and to take some time off rather than pushing for overtime.

  • Take On Other People’s Responsibilities As Your Own

    Everyone has problems, some worse than others. It is important to help your loved ones whenever they are down, offering them support in any way that you can. That does not mean you should take on their problems as your own. You are there for guidance. You cannot solve someone’s problems, you can only encourage them to solve their own. Thinking otherwise, and taking on their responsibilities, only leads to a complicated life. And life is complicated enough with your own problems to deal with.

  • Get Involved In Drama

    What is the point in all of this drama? Is it to entertain yourself? Drama usually has a social basis. It can include bitchiness, gossip, fighting and bravado, issues over attractions to potential partners, and so on and so forth. Largely, it is completely unnecessary, and is very simple to cut out of your life; simply don’t engage with it anymore. Don’t start drama, and if someone drags you into one, then just smile and step back out. All drama does is overcomplicates life.

  • Spend Too Much Time On Social Media

    The world of social media is a whole new dimension of drama. It is full of needless information, and plenty of unnecessary social manure. You would be well advised to leave it alone altogether if you want a less complicated life, but for now you should consider engaging in it less, especially when it comes to its pointless and dramatic uses.

  • Escapism

    It might feel like escapism makes things more simple at the time, but it never solves problems, and nearly always makes them worse. If you already have a complicated life then it can be tempting to drink or smoke it all away (or worse). This will only extrapolate your circumstances, and leave the problems unsolved and deeper buried. It is a sure way to overcomplicate your life.

  • Bear The Weight Of The World

    This is really an extension of taking on other people’s problems and responsibilities, but is one that applies tremendously to a modern globalized world. You likely are aware of all of the worst goings on in the world; wars, killings, social injustice, and so on. Awareness of global issues is important, but you should not be feeling the weight of the world everyday; no one should, and no one has wide enough shoulders. If you find it all becomes too much then take a break from it all, and concern yourself with your own life.

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