My husband Dave and I have been greatly blessed by God with many mentors in our life.  However, the two people that have led us to more truth in more areas are Dan and Lisa Hawkins.  We were introduced to them through a leadership development organization called TEAM.  It was a time in our life when we were intensely searching for answers as entrepreneurs, as leaders, and as two people just trying to face our Goliaths and sort our purpose.   Dan and Lisa graciously took us under their proverbial wing and patiently walked us down the roads of better thinking, greater service to others, increased results, and richer relationships.  And because we’ve truly learned some things from them and the LIFE system they’ve help found, we reap benefits in all areas of our lives.  The one area I want to share with you today is how to instill affirming thoughts that affect the fabric of life……and how we incorporate this into our children’s education.



Dan and Lisa’s story is remarkable and can be found in more depth at  (Enjoy the video there!)  What Lisa is most famous for is her ability to discipline her schedule and her words…she is able to make time for all her priorities on any given day and bring life to others through her wisdom, encouragement and light-hearted ways.  Dan is famous for a real-life story of having lived in fear of people and through the LIFE system of development,  becoming a courageous leader of thousands.  Both Dan and Lisa are absolute masters at self-talk and disciplined thinking.  Their example inspires us daily, and is definitely worth anyone’s study.  Dave and I, having learned the value of these principles, now teach them to our children.

The first resource given to us in this area is a book titled “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.  In his book he states that “whatever you put into your mind–in one way or another-is what you will get back out–one way or another.”  In our home, we have eliminated the television as a daily we have no control over the messages scanned over in channel changing, commercial advertising, or program content.  We do monitor the music we listen to, seeking for variety, goodness, and teachable moments.  The main media for us then include books, discussion, audios and live events.  But the majority of what is heard by each of us is actually internal!  We spend more time with our thinking than any other media!  So we learned we needed to be intentional about what we allowed ourselves to talk about to ourselves!  Imagine that….talking to yourself and not just listening to yourself.

Dan Hawkins tells in his story how he began doing this “talking” by writing out in an affirmation statement thoughts that focused only on the good he could find in himself and the good he wanted to do.  He recalled how he posted these statements on his steering wheel and every time he got in the car he read the statement aloud, and every time he got out of the car, he paused to read it again.  Without fail for years he did this until the message in his mind everywhere he went was that he was good and that he was perfectly able to do good.  Actually in the process he became the GREAT that could do the GREAT!

Two months back my 4 daughters and I set out to write statements that would help them build their own confidence and  their ability to do good.  I had an affirmation statement I had been using for 2 years, but by placing it out of sight, had come to neglect it, thus rendering it ineffective.  Together, we constructed and reconstructed the visions of who we wanted to become, what truths we wanted to instill in our thinking, and what great things we could do.  After some revisions done one-on-one with each daughter, they evolved into these 4 affirmations below.  (If you want to know mine, those of you close to me are free to ask.  If you want to know Levee’s, contact him).
1.  “I can do my daily schedule.  I can draw well. I can write like the best.  I can read for 2 hours a day.  I can lead.  I can talk to anyone.  I have wonderful physical gifts.  I’m compassionate.  I love others.  There’s no way that I can argue.  I can handle my sisters in tough situations.  I can create when I’m alone.  I’m beautiful.  I can get along.  I’m faithful.  I’m God’s little princess.”  – Hope

2.  “I am great with people, and people with me.  I speak well to people, and I am friendly.  And my loving on people affects them.  I am a child of God, and I am blessed with every gift in heaven, He loves me the way I am.  I may sin, but he still loves me, and will forgive me if I ask.  I am pretty, because God made me in His image.  I am self-controlled, because I know right from wrong.  It’s okay if I fail;  I will learn from each mistake.  I grow wise and strong.  I am accepted because God loves me!” – Maddie

3.  “Every day I have opportunity to get new things done.  When I work with others, they appreciate me and I appreciate them.  I’m patient with others.  My laughter brightens other peoples’ day.  I can lead when it’s my turn.  I can write anything.  Everybody follows me.  I go anywhere and explore!  I can climb as high as I want.  I can play all my assignments on piano.  God is good, He’s my Lord!”       -Ella

4.  “I am creative with ideas and design.  I see connections everywhere.  I am a great listener and I see ideas under ideas.  Because I see connections, I can relate to people as well as things.  I am intelligent in how I see and treat people.  I am known for my kindness, generosity and my consistently pleasant attitude.  I enjoy meeting new people.  I am the apple of my Lord’s eye. I give Him all the glory!”       -Hannah

I pray you too are inspired to intentionally speak to yourself wonderful things each and every day.  It’s how to have a wonderful life, rich in blessings for yourself and all those around you.

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